Do you need to setup a Partnership Agreement in South Africa? We can assist you within only 24-hours @ only R990. Apply below or call us Toll Free from your cell phone on 0800 007 269 (click here).

A formal Partnership Agreement in SA is called a Pty Company Registration (done at CIPC). To spell out more about the partnership arrangement, a Share Certificate and Shareholding Agreement can be added at an additional cost, if required.

When taking on a partner in business, it is critical to have a formalised agreement. The best ‘agreement option’ in terms of tax benefits, legal protection and structure is a Pty Company. The Pty Company will be setup in accordance to the Companies Act and Registered at CIPC. If you want to strengthen this agreement further, you can setup Share Certificates and a Shareholders Agreement – which is a legal document stipulating the relationship between shareholders, signed off by our lawyers. If you’d like us to assist, please apply on this page or call our toll-free number 0800 007 269 below.

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Requirements to get a Partnership Agreement in the form of a Pty Company Registration:

Our In-house Lawyer

Our internal Attorney, Tsitsi Kinnear has over 6 years’ experience with Partnership Agreements. She also has a Law Degree from the University of South Africa.


R990: For a Partnership Agreement (Pty Company)

This price includes all the processing / documents of a formal Pty Company Registration in South Africa (a new legal entity). To make the agreement enforceable in court, you can add Share Certificates and a Shareholding Agreement for an additional R1440. The shareholding agreement will stipulate the business relationship between the company’s shareholders.

Timeframe: 24-hours


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