The Companies Act of 2008 describes a Personal Liability Company as a Company ( Inc ) which satisfies the criteria of a Private Company. The Memorandum of Incorporation must also state that it is a Personal Liability Company ( Inc ).

Personal Liability Company (Inc.)


It is essential that the Personal Liability Company has its Memorandum of Incorporation drawn up in the same way to that of a private company. This means that a Personal Liability Company is prohibited from offering any of their securities to the public. It is also restricted in how it transfers its securities.

There is a major difference that sets a Personal Liability Company apart from a private company. In its Memorandum of Incorporation it mentions that it is a Personal Liability Company. This means that the company’s directors, as well as past directors, are jointly liable, together with the company. They will remain liable for any debts and liability of the company that are or were contracted during their respective periods of serving as directors.

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Memorandum of Incorporation

The Personal Liability Company is a company that replaced the incorporated / professional companies that were formed under the Companies Act of 1973. Professional persons, like stockbrokers, attorneys and auditors are expected to use this type of company. This type of company provides them with the benefits and convenience of a separate legal personality while still being able to comply with their professional rules. The main professional rule for which this type of company caters is the rule that requires these types of professionals to have personal liability.

Characteristics of a personal liability company

There are however some instances where a Personal Liability Company can appoint these professionals. The reason for appointing them can be one or all of the following:

The Personal Liability Company offers the professionals a great opportunity to still have their company as a separate legal entity, while they are still able to abide by their professional rules and regulations. So if you are in one of these careers, a personal liability company is just the right company for your profession.

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Personal Liability Company Inc.