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Security Grades (for Security Officers to get PSIRA Grading in Gauteng ONLY)

Security Grades for your Company’s Security Officers

Do you need Security Grades for your Company’s Security Officers? You’ll need to attend a PSIRA Security Training Course or take our Self Study option. Phase #1 costs only R490 and will be completed in 48 hours.

If you want to start a Security Company in South Africa, we can also assist with PSIRA Registration and the Security Company Compliance documents you need. 

To get Tenders and Contracts in the Security Industry in South Africa there are many Compliance Documents required. We are here to assist you. It starts with the Security Grades required for individual Security Officers. The Private Security Regulation Act states that all security officers must be registered and graded at PSIRA before they are allowed to be employed. Security guards are graded according to their qualifications, experience and training. To start with this process, apply on this page below or Call us Toll Free on 0800 007 269 during office hours (free to dial from Cellphones and Landlines).

Call toll free for business registration services

Basic Requirements for Security Grades in South Africa

  • ID Documents.
  • Complete the 3-Phase Application Process as stated below.
  • Be able to visit our Gauteng Training Centre for a 1 Week Training Course; or study from home and take 1 day to write a test at our Gauteng Training Centre.


Our Security Grading Training Facility

Our Clients are taken through a rigorous training process at our partner’s Security Training Facility in Johannesburg (Stallion Security). We are fully accredited with both PSIRA and SASSETA and can provide all courses in person or via mail order. We can also assist with recruitment and criminal checks.

Security Grading Training Facility

Price for Phase #1: R490 (All Inclusive – Payable at the Start)

In this phase your application will be prepared to make sure you’ll get the correct Security Grades you require ASAP.

Price for Phases #2 and #3: R660+

  • 2nd Phase – Training Course @450+: We will give you a quote depending on the security grading that you require. Officer Grades available: A, B, C, D or E.
  • 3rd Phase – PSIRA Fee @R210: After Test Completion you will need to apply directly at PSIRA and pay PSIRA’s Fee to Register as an individual.

Officer Grades available

Timeframe: 2 Working Days for Phase #1


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