Company Registration at CIPC, SARS, COID, CUSTOMS, CIDB & More

Company Registration Documents

New Company Registration Documents

We complete your Company Registration at CIPC / DTI within 1 working day. We require no documents from you - everything happens over the phone or via email. Lockdown Special: R880 all inclusive. Register below or call us toll free now.

Included with your Company Registration Documents:

We will email you all the Company Registration Documents which your business needs to operate as a legal entity after registration.

    1. COR9.4: Name Reservation Certificate
    2. COR14.3: Registration Certificate (this used to be called the CK1 document for CC’s)
    3. COR14.1 and CoR14.1A: Appointment of Incorporators and Directors
    4. COR15.1A: The Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI) – CIPC’s recommended version

New Company Registration Requirements:

    1. ID Number
    2. A Home / Business Address in SA

That’s it. No documents are required – we do everything telephonically or online. Only Foreigners will be required to send a Passport copy.

Our Easy Online Process:

  1. Name Search: Firstly we search the availability of your Preferred Company Name and Reserve a New Company Name for you. We guarantee you a Company Name.
  2. Register Your Company: After we have successfully reserved your Company Name, we will register your New Company. In most cases, your Company will be registered with a new name within 1 working day.

Delivery of your Company Documents:

CIPC issues all final and original documentation electronically, and we will email all final and original documentation to you. Our online system can therefore be used by anyone located anywhere in South Africa or Internationally. You will get a tax number allocated by SARS included.

Optional 'Extras' Included with your New Company:

  1. Official BEE Affidavit.
  2. Business Bank Account (FNB, Standard Bank or Nedbank).
  3. Website Design & Domain (Worth R1290).
  4. Tender Assistance (Leads).
  5. Entrepreneurship Certificate (Worth R990).

Price: R 880 once-off

Timeframe: 1 Working Day

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We've assisted thousands of South Arican's and entrepreneurs register a business.

More information on Company Registration with a New Name follows:

Note: It is your responsibility to make sure that your Company Name does not interfere with any Trademarks.  To check if your preferred Company name is not already taken (and for best practice on choosing your Company name), please test each name by following our Company Name Guidelines.

Please make sure that you have chosen the Company Registration Option most suitable for your current needs. If you are not sure which Option to choose, click here for more information about each of our Company Registration Options

Please note that the registration timeframes vary depending on the workload of CIPC.  The most recent timeframes are updated on a regular basis here: Current CIPC Timeframes

Advantages of a Pty Company with a New Name:

1. Unique Identity (different to other Pty options)

Your Business will have a unique identity which creates a ‘Brand’ – as you choose a New Company Name of your choice.

2. Start Trading

A Pty Company, registered at the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC), allows a business to formally trade with its own Company Name and Bank Account. It may then also apply for beneficial certificates such as:

Most South African Tenders and Contracts also require that you have a registered Private Company.

Call toll free for free consultation about registering your business

3. Tax Benefits

A Pty Company qualifies to get business tax deductions such as:

  • Donations / Charity
  • Home Office Space
  • All business related expenses

4. Minimise Risk

An individual is protected when trading under a Pty Company, because the business is then a separate legal entity. Meaning that you (as the Owner / Director / Shareholder) take much less risk than when you are trading / dealing under your own name.

5. Liquidity

A Pty Company is more liquid (easy to buy and sell shares) than other Company formations. Via share allocation the Company can consist of 1 to 50 shareholders / directors.

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